Miami Back Country Peacock Bass Report

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Well folks we’re back again with another Peacock Bass report from the Miami area. This is going to be a split report from a couple of charters I had the pleasure to take out recently. The first was with Gary Clements winner of a a half day trip with me at the Custom Gheenoe Big Rally raffle. Who’s proceeds went to help family’s in need in the Titusville area of Florida…Great job guys!! Wish I could have been there for the festivities. My second trip was with a couple of buddies. Rob,and Stan from California, who wanted to sample some of our famous Miami Peacock Bass…having never caught them before. I gotta tell you..I love first timers! They’re always amazed at the fighting abilities of these ferocious cichlids. On my first trip. I had Gary meet me at an alternate ramp that I use on the weekends.
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