Neverwet Graffiti: Invisible-ink Street Art Shows Up In Rain


Like invisible ink, the water-repellent areas remain hidden until another liquid is applied. Given criticism of NeverWet when applied to shoes (apparently it can discolor or leave residue) and phones (touchscreen and durability issues have been reported), this may prove to be a more persistent, if unintended, long-term application of the product. And for any interested subversive artists, it could prove a unusual boon when bothered by police: how will the authorities justify arresting someone for spraying an invisible coating on a public surface? Meanwhile, best of luck to Nathan in the contest – a win here is surely deserved!
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[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound . ] Twenty-five silent, unmoving sheep gather on a carpet of lush green grass in the unlikeliest of places: an industrial gas station in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. This surreal pop-up landscape is a team effort between art collector Michael Shvo and Paul Kasmin Gallery, aiming to bring outdoor exhibitions to a broad audience. Found in the center of the High Line arts district, ‘The Sheep Station’ installation incorporates iconic epoxy stone and bronze ‘Moutons,’ sculptures by the late artist Francois-Xavier Lalanne. For Lalanne, the sheep symbolized a personal mission to demystify art. This unexpected pastoral scene, which will be in place until October 20th 2013, is just one of a series of rotating public exhibitions that will be hosted at the former Getty Station.
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