Miami Back Country Peacock Bass Report

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Well folks we’re back again with another Peacock Bass report from the Miami area. This is going to be a split report from a couple of charters I had the pleasure to take out recently. The first was with Gary Clements winner of a a half day trip with me at the Custom Gheenoe Big Rally raffle. Who’s proceeds went to help family’s in need in the Titusville area of Florida…Great job guys!! Wish I could have been there for the festivities. My second trip was with a couple of buddies. Rob,and Stan from California, who wanted to sample some of our famous Miami Peacock Bass…having never caught them before. I gotta tell you..I love first timers! They’re always amazed at the fighting abilities of these ferocious cichlids. On my first trip. I had Gary meet me at an alternate ramp that I use on the weekends.
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Root Elements Of Google Penguin – For Adults

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No-hassle Secrets Of Penalty Solution

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How Motion Is Changing Photography


Do we do both for a story, or because we have a print product, do we just make photographs? If we do both, do we send two people into the field or just one? It feels like photojournalists and videojournalists, photo editors and video editors are all clinging to their own mediums, fighting to ensure their work is seen as more important than the others’. This is the wrong way to approach our storytelling. Instead, we should be asking ourselves: what is the best way to tell the story?
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The great thing about video is that it covers time. A still picture is only going to last for five seconds, whereas if you shoot a visual sequence in video you can cover a minute of narrative much more efficiently. Conversely, in most cases, motion doesn’t have the same staying power that a still picture has. A great still picture is something that you remember. Why wouldn’t we use that powerful storytelling tool in our films? The catch is, if you try to do both at the same time in the reporting process you’re going to fail. They are different types of storytelling. They require a different mindset.
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Irish Flavors

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In Gerena, where we stayed, we found a beautiful estate to host the twelve women who had flown from far away and from so many different parts of the world (oh hello Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Canada, United States, and India) to meet us. We had four days to live the dream. And make it a memorable Spanish experience for our group. With my pictures of our trip, I want to tell the story of the journey we took to celebrate the foods and culture of Spain.
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Wild Blackberries, County Clare, Ireland OH, HOW MUCH I love the Irish and their majestic country. There’s so much beauty there. “It’s a good thing you are married to an Irish man”, my mother-in-law tells me with a smile while listening to me.
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Home & Office : Catnip Caves


Catnip Caves Let the Cat Outta the Bag Cat interaction with bag releases catnip Nano technology provides for long-lasting scent Not responsible for cat’s behavior! Email me when available This product is not available for purchase at this time. Add to Wish List D’oh! You need to have an account to use wish lists. Log in or create one now Sweet! We just added this to a new wish list for you! You can tell us a bit more about this wish list if you want below. If not, we’ll fill in some details for you until you’re ready. Your Wish List’s Name A Brief Description of Your Wish List Make this wish list public so friends and family can find it Make this wish list my default wish list Save This New Wish List Main Description Let the Cat Outta the Bag Cats. They love boxes. They love bags.
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Neverwet Graffiti: Invisible-ink Street Art Shows Up In Rain


Like invisible ink, the water-repellent areas remain hidden until another liquid is applied. Given criticism of NeverWet when applied to shoes (apparently it can discolor or leave residue) and phones (touchscreen and durability issues have been reported), this may prove to be a more persistent, if unintended, long-term application of the product. And for any interested subversive artists, it could prove a unusual boon when bothered by police: how will the authorities justify arresting someone for spraying an invisible coating on a public surface? Meanwhile, best of luck to Nathan in the contest – a win here is surely deserved!
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[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound . ] Twenty-five silent, unmoving sheep gather on a carpet of lush green grass in the unlikeliest of places: an industrial gas station in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. This surreal pop-up landscape is a team effort between art collector Michael Shvo and Paul Kasmin Gallery, aiming to bring outdoor exhibitions to a broad audience. Found in the center of the High Line arts district, ‘The Sheep Station’ installation incorporates iconic epoxy stone and bronze ‘Moutons,’ sculptures by the late artist Francois-Xavier Lalanne. For Lalanne, the sheep symbolized a personal mission to demystify art. This unexpected pastoral scene, which will be in place until October 20th 2013, is just one of a series of rotating public exhibitions that will be hosted at the former Getty Station.
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Jag Crossover Shows Its Mug

The C-Suites of two major auto makers are unlikely to change in the near future, despite rumors suggesting that both Ferdinand Piech and Alan Mulally are set to depart both VW and Ford respectively.
Mulally, who is reportedly being courted by both the Obama administration and Microsoft, told Bloomberg that  “I plan to continue to serve as Ford’s president and CEO until at least the end of 2014.” Sources have suggested that Ford’s board was open to him stepping down early so that he could explore other options.
Over at VW, rumors of Ferdinand Piech’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated. German outlet Der Spiegel claimed that Piech was about to step down due to poor health, with CEO Martin Winterkorn assuming the top job. True to character, Piech denied such reports, claiming ”Those who are written off live longer.”

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Just before it makes its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Jaguar’s C-X17 concept shows its undisguised face. To the Jag faithful, this is as scandalous as bare ankles would be in Taliban-era Kabul. We’ll be waiting for the full picture before launch any damning “Avoidable Contact” fatwas.

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